Writing Tips

Should you write?

More times than I can count, as a speaker I've been advised to write and I've heard other speakers advised to write. Write a book, write articles, write a [...]

Throwback Thursday

I was listening to a webinar today from Naomi Dunford, and one of the questions led to some discussion about older content on our websites. Since I've been [...]

The Power of Strong Dialog

How would you like to improve your storytelling techniques with just three simple tips? As a speaker, you may already know the importance of using dialog more [...]

On writing well

“To defend what you’ve written is a sign that you are alive.” —William Zinsser, WD I just read this quote on Writers Digest blog, the title was 72 of [...]

Do you need a Writer’s group?

I think I need a writer's group. This evening I attended a writer's group at a local Barnes & Noble. Don't die of shock. Yes, I was at a Barnes & Noble today. [...]

Speaking Tips: Language use – word pairs

Have you ever heard the wrong word used to describe something, and realized the mistake happened because of similarities? Here are a couple of examples, and [...]

Live an interesting life

If there is one thing that clearly applies to both speaking and writing, it is that you need to tell interesting stories to be successful. This may lead you to [...]

Primer: Make a to-do list

Tonight's exercise: Make yourself a big audacious to-do list. No. Not a "get the groceries, wash the car, do 17 push-ups" kind of list. Instead, spend the [...]

Are you out of Ideas?

This post is second in a series about using writing prompts to improve your writing, or to reach non-writing goals. The first post is here. The next prompt in [...]

Acknowledge that it is hard

Is there something in your life that you are avoiding? Too many times, we like to place blame somewhere for why we aren't doing the thing(s) we know we should [...]