Writing Tips

How much does FREE cost?

If you don't make money (or don't want to) doing what you do, then you can probably skip this post. I personally have a few blogs that I really enjoy, and [...]

Writer’s Block?

What do you call it when you just can't seem to find anything to write about? Actually that's not right. What is it when you can find stuff to write about, but [...]

Search Engine Results

How much do you know about how search engines operate? Do you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is? I like to look at what topics people are [...]

SpeakerBlogger.com is Live!

http://www.speakerblogger.com/ I've been working with Arlen Busenitz on a new project, and we have taken it live this week. SpeakerBlogger.com is our new [...]

The write lesson at Starbucks

Are today's students learning the wrong lesson from college? I decided to try this Starbucks place everyone is talking about. No, it's not a flashback post. [...]

Writing the Icebreaker: Part two

In Part one, you learned the first steps to creating an Icebreaker speech; the first speech you will give in your Toastmasters club. For this lesson, we'll [...]

Writing vs Speaking – is there a difference?

I read another great post today on Men with Pens. This post, titled How to find your writing voice leads with the same picture as this post (yes, I stole it). [...]

Writing the Icebreaker: Part one

For the next few days, let's learn about crafting an Icebreaker speech for a Toastmasters meeting. The Icebreaker is generally the first speech given in a [...]

Find your message

Do you struggle to get your ideas heard and remembered? Maybe you are having trouble deciding what your core message is? Maybe you don't know that you need a [...]

Writing Tips: The Brain Dump

Are you struggling for a topic for your next college paper, staff meeting, or pending speaking opportunity? One of the ways to get a number of ideas on the [...]