Writing Tips

Public Speaking: Responding to Social Media

Wow, what a blunder! Could you believe that post on Facebook in response to that other post? What was he thinking? What post? I'll bet that when you started [...]

Speaking tips: Blogging for Speakers

What is the point of a blog? I've heard, read, and even asked this question myself in the past. In an early assessment, I thought that a blogger fell into one [...]

The book: Talk to the Human

I'm thinking that Talk to the Human - taking your communications off-line and on-point will be about using interpersonal communications skills, but with the [...]

Public Speaking: Editing for Speakers

What is the difference between writing and editing? For the purpose of this post, and to help draw a contrast to yesterday's post "Writing for Speakers", I'll [...]

Public Speaking: Writing for Speakers

Should a speech be written before it is practiced and presented? I've heard a variety of answers to that question, and I've even made different choices in my [...]