Change of Focus


It’s been a fun 80+ days of updating my blog every day, but the time has come to adjust my focus on this topic. After tomorrow, I won’t be doing updates each day anymore. Instead, I’ll move to a “recurring” theme, which means at least weekly, and probably a bit more than that.

Now that I’ve put a good deal of content and some of my stories out there, I need to focus on expanding the topics and creating some products. Specifically the ACE posts I published a few days ago describe my ideas.

1. ACE your speaking – a CD for preparing to speak to any size audience

2. ACE your speechwriting – multi CD set to improve your speechwriting skills

3. Some short lessons, based on the CD info mentioned above.

4. The Talk to the Human book.

I’ll keep putting out posts, and updating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as I make changes. Plus, I’ll be doing a book review tomorrow, so stay tuned…

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