Coming Soon: 50 Best Blogs of the Year


Are you tired of reading every random person’s attempt to show that they are tuned in to the blogosphere?  Are you equally tired of the word Blogosphere?

Well, not to be outdone I’m compiling a list of the best blogs I’ve read, and I’d like to get some reader’s opinions on the subject. What blogs are you reading, why, and how often? I’ll combine our thoughts to give a more thorough list. While I doubt many of you have time to keep up with 50 different blogs, maybe being aware of some of these really good ones will be of use to you.

Here’s what I’m looking for (with an example):

Name of the blog: Seth Godin’s Blog

Author: Seth Godin


Target Audience: Readers interested in business and marketing advice

Frequency published: daily

How often I read it: daily

How I read it: RSS

Why I read it: Great business advice, concise, and entertaining

Send me a comment about a blog or two that you like, and maybe it’ll make the cut.


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