Craig and Ed’s Guerrilla Marketing Breakout – Updated


Editor’s note: this post was originally posted on 27 Feb, then edited on 13 March. It is mostly a compilation of my notes from the session, with some additional thoughts as well.

Marketing is like breathing. If you don’t breathe, you will die – if you don’t market, your business will die.

Marketing is not an event, it’s a process. Many people confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising is just one form of marketing.

If you are in the business of speaking, you should read books on marketing.

“Companies that stop marketing during turbulent times go out of business” – Jay Conrad Levitson (Author of Guerrilla Marketing)

Marketing is every bit of contact your company has with the outside world. From every phone call you receive to every link (broken or working) on your website.

Guerrilla Marketing is Time, Energy and Imagination

Don’t think of marketing as just a single approach, look at having a “Marketing Mixture” of 10 items

“Client” Focus vs. “Company” Focus – your verbal business card should be short and convey to the customer what value you provide. Ed Tate’s is “We Breathe Life into Business Presentations”

Marketing Combination: 60-30-10

60% of your time with currrent and past customers
30% with prospects
10% with looking for new customers

Confidence is the number one reason people do business with you
How do they get confident? Familiarity
How do they get Familiar? Regular, ongoing, anticipated contact

Research from American Marketing Association – you can contact people up to 220 times per year without annoying them. It can’t be all e-mail – has to be a variety. Example – Craig’s 52 Speaking Tips

Seven Steps to Guerrilla Marketing
The Purpose
– What do you want your customers to do first
— On-line: Opt-In
— Off-line: Collect Contact Information

– Never negotiate on-line – get them to tell their story before you tell your story – never quote a price until you hear their story
– Always lead with the hook
Competitive Advantages/Benefits
– Features vs. benefits
– Don’t sell the product, sell the result
– How to translate:
— “So that you can…”
— “For you this means…”
– Put the result before the resource
– Pain relief does better than improvements

Question: What sells better, vitamins or aspirin? Pain relief beats improvement. Sad…but true.

Types of Benefits/Results
– save time
– save money
– make money
– avoid effort
– find success
– be pain free
– safe & secure
– live & love
– increase happiness
E.D.G.E. (Craig) – give your audience/customer as many of these as possible.
Esteem – (i.e. you can be known as the best vs. you can be the best)
Do – this product will allow you to do…
Gain (profit)
Enjoy – i.e. you’ll have more time to spend with your family

Target Audience
– Exactly who wants and needs what you have to offer?
– Define your ideal customer
– Who is your Jesse? (i.e. 24-30 year old woman looking to move into a management position)
– You cannot strike oil digging an inch deep everywhere, you have to dig a mile deep in one place
– Word files – one on what they want to avoid and one on what they want to attain
– You want them to say, “this is for me”
This seems to be one of the toughest exercises for anyone to do. People like to think that their audience is “everyone”. One source of confusion comes from the concept of who might buy your product versus who your ideal audience is. It’s okay for someone outside of your ideal customer to buy from you; that doesn’t mean your ideal audience becomes “everyone”.

Marketing Niche – slice of a subject (i.e. Craig is a speech coach, his niche is storytelling and his identity his “Mr. Nuts and Bolts”)
– What is your Industry?
– What is your Niche?
– What is your Identity?

Marketing Identity
– Figure out first what you are not

Guerrilla Markeing Weapons
– Provided in the handout (100 weapons – i.e. Business Card, YouTube video, etc.)
– Craig credits just one clip on YouTube (of the 15 or so there) for some of his recent business

Marketing Budget
– Most Guerrilla Marketing Weapons cost nothing or very little.
– Still, you need to plan and budget for your efforts

How do you distinguish yourself from other products – high quality recordings and high quality content

There was lots more info in the handouts and in their own programs than they could cover in a single session. Take a look at Craig’s book World Class Speaking (review here) for some great ideas, especially about specifics to market yourself as a speaker. Also, Guerrilla Marketing (review here) is the obvious source for ideas and tactics no matter what your speciality.

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