Craig Valentine’s second breakout – Becoming a Speech Coach


Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes from the session. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

Craig’s second breakout was on Become a Masterful Speech Coach: Another Healthy Stream of Income.

Criag’s foundational phrase of the day – “If I said it, you spread it”

Discussed the difference between the proce of getting better, and the cost of not.

Coaching is about action and accountability: Getting someone from one place to another – you need a starting point

Craig has certified 45 World Class Speaking Coaches to date

We rated ourself in 12 competencies on a chart provided.
Next Steps
Begin with a Bang: Story or Question
You-focused: To be a great speaker you have to be a great tease.
Involvement: not just high-energy, but even “Raise your hand”
Research/Assess – how well do you research your client before

It’s not about helping them make a great speech, it’s about making them a better speaker

If you want to get paid to coach someone, start coaching them before they know you are they coach.

The first coachee started with “Thank you for being here”
Start by defining the pain: In the first 7 seconds your audience will decide whether or not they like you, and in the first 30 seconds your audience will decide if they want to listen to your presentation.
Then give the World Class Competency: Begin with a Bang
And describe the process. i.e. Use a story or question to open.

“Make an investment…”
Never tell an audience what to do…do you know if they are going to make an investment

Don’t tell…tease

For our first session, we’ll focus on (examples – i.e. competencies). Concentrate on the competencies, not the time. If they ask about time, then answer “about an hour”. Be careful not to turn it into an hourly rate.

Focus on the relationship

Consider group coaching. Focus on the results in your marketing.

Check for more on Craig’s storytelling course.

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