Customer Service: I’ll get back to you


What is the difference between someone who cares about their customers and someone who doesn’t? Is it “being the boss”, or “having a heart”?  

One difference is in your personal standard for how long it takes to get back with someone who has called for you. Is there a right answer to how long a customer should wait? Maybe not. But I bet there isn’t a customer on Earth who thinks it’s okay to be ignored for more than a day.

A few days ago, I wrote a post called The Cost of Losing Business. In that post, I mentioned it had been about a month since I was told the folks I wanted to buy an $87 product from would get back to me. Since then, three things have happened:

1. I’ve followed up with the POC and her assistant a week ago; still no reply. Shame.
2. They have launched a new service for a fee of $27 per month that I was very interested in. Hmmm.
3. I’ve spent no money with them. Ouch.

If this were my insurance agent or my cable TV company, I’d have new ones by now. Wouldn’t you?

Check yourself. Are you losing sales because of your poor customer service?

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