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Accredited speaker Johnny Campbell spoke at the District 44 conference on Insider Secrets for Creating Winning Presentations, titled “Win the Crowd”. What I like about hearing Johnny is his amazing ability to tell stories that leave you with an easy-to-remember point. I knew what to expect from seeing him speak at the Toastmasters International Conventions in 2009, 2011 and 2015.

Johnny started out about the importance of crafting. Speeches aren’t just given; they need to be crafted to achieve the best results. In one example, he refers to his recent experience speaking in a TEDx talk, where in preparing for the 15-minute presentation, he took 80 days to prepare. Only 30 of them were practice. That means he spent 50 days preparing his content…crafting that message.

It’s important to know that a great message is a speech with a great language. There are three types of speaking. It’s intranet to cognizant your style, and don’t feel that you should change your voice, but work on your own voice. Don’t change your style. Be the speaker that you are. Fighting who you are is a waste of time.

Inspire – Motivate
Influence – Persuade
Instruction – Teach

Understand your vision/goal for the speech? What do you want your audience to Be, Do or Have because of your message. don’t try to do all three with one presentation. Be clear in your goal for the speech.

7 tips for presenting with clarity

Know your outcome -“I have people I want to help with my story”, instead of “I have a story to tell”

Know your audience – understand the values and beliefs of your audience before you craft your speech – Johnny spoke about the different types of people in your audience, like the Director, Expresser, Thinker, and Harmonizer

Know the objections – reminder, it’s not about you. It’s about the value you bring to them. Get past your own self, black, white, man, woman, etc. It’s your expertise their there for, not your genetic make-up

Know your timeframe – respect the time of your audience. Know your limit and craft accordingly

Know your environment – check out the room in advance. Know the creaks, where the audience sits and other room factors

Know your objectives – what are your key bullet points?

Know your Story/Message – what do you need to say to support your objective? don’t tell a story because it’s interesting to you. It should support your objectives

The speech – once you know the seven points above, then you write your speech

If you’re worried that you aren’t creative, Johnny suggested this: “Every day you are creative, but are you listening to yourself?” Day and night, you have thoughts and ideas that come to you. write them down. Keep them in a journal or a file for when you need ideas.


If you want to learn more, check out his site and look at his CD: Impromptu speaking secrets revealed.


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