Darren LaCroix in Kansas City – 2016


Darren LaCroix delivered his remarkable presentation, Darren’s 10 Biggest Speaking Mistakes! (and how to avoid them) in Kansas City this evening. More than 50 Toastmasters and NSA members attended the event. I won’t spoil anything by listing out the 10 mistakes here, but I will share a link so you can get them directly from the master!

Here are some of the better gems I heard:

You have to connect before you can educate, entertain or inspire.

If you want to be a comedian, who would you go to? A comedian!
If you want to be a better speaker, who would you go to?
Don’t compare yourself to great speakers. Darren’s family compared him to Jerry Seinfeld. That not fair, and it’s not fair to compare yourself to great speakers.

Effort x Direction = Mastery

You supply effort

You choose direction – are you more worried about ums and ahs than on your impact on the audience?

– Darren looked at opening acts, middle acts and headliners – Who did he want to be like?

– What do headliners worry about, and what do they not worry about?

– “A little effort in the right direction will outperform massive effort in the wrong direction”

– Some audience members are never gonna buy into your idea or your product, and some will love you no matter how good or bad you are. But those on the fence (the larger percentage), they’re the ones you can affect.

Some great quotes:
If you’re not clear about your message (no more than 10 words), your audience won’t be clear either

Structure (writing your speech) doesn’t freeze you, it actually frees you

Speaking is a dialog, not a monologue – Dale Carnegie

Don’t dilute your power by confusing your audience with poor stage use

Stop looking for the best story, and take the stories you already have and make them so good someone is willing to hear them (and pay for them)

If you want a masterpiece, you need to master the pieces – Craig Valentine

It was great seeing Darren live again, and District 22 is thrilled that he made time for us. Learn more at www.darrenlacroix.com, or go to YouTube and see his videos!

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