Darren LaCroix’s Breakout – YouTube it!


Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes from the session. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

Darren has over 350 video’s on YouTube. If you didn’t know it, YouTube has emerged as the number 2 search engine (behind Google). I think I heard him say that this is the best advertising method he currently has.

This program is available in his CD “YouTube it!” (Buy it…I did)
Darren’s Site

#2 – Problem Solving = PROFIT!
– create YouTube clips from questions
(i.e. askdarrenlacroix.com and aksdarren.com)
How to sell a whole lot more than $1,000,000 in products (Lant)
– Solve a problem or give people an aspiration

#4 – What tools will you need?
“The most powerful tool that you have is the one that you use?” – Darren LaCroix
– you need a YouTube Channel – remember your name is your BRAND
– one channel per e-mail address
– tripod with a “bubble” level
– lighting – main, fill, and backlight

#5 – One Video – One Purpose – ONE NEXT STEP!
– you answering a question
– you doing a direct sales pitch
– testimonials
– conversion video – give the content to convert them into buyers
– educational

#6 What do you say?
– depends on your purpose
– then, now and how
– “but that’s not how it always was” — “it got worse”
– selling your process – “that’s what you’ll learn in my home study course”

#7 – Shooting your Video
– Turn the power on (Darren said to write this down)
– Press Record (bug red button on the Flip)
– Speak
– Press Stop (same button!)

#8 – Editing your Video
– Insert the USB into the computer USB Port (have your computer on)
– Open your software
– Find the Flip (it will show like a hard drive)
– Import

You missed it!: Darren walked us through the creation of a promo video. In just about 2 minutes, he had a promo for a random audience member, with text along the bottom, the URL at the end of the video an background music built in. BAM!

#9 – Uploading your Video – Darren walked us through this

#10 – Crucial Language – editing the words on YouTube (once the video is uploaded)
– Title: Have some keywords that can be found by people looking to solve the problems you solve
– Description – in the beginning of that description – use a hotlink (with http:// in the URL) for the next step. (“Make it easy for the buyer to buy” – Alan Weiss)
– Tags – for search engines

#10.5 – Insight! YouTube provides fantastic statistics for your videos. Wow!

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