Darren LaCroix’s Sunday session – Toastmasters District 22


Darren’s Sunday session
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Learning world-class techniques
You will be deputized coaches
You will never evaluate the same again
Teach these techniques as soon as you can
Evaluate someone this week using these techniques

World champion speech
– practiced/recorded that speech 22 times
– didn’t include the prison speech

Darren started his championship speech with over 1,500 words and got it down to about 700 words. 34 “you”s – about 4 a minute.

The average toastmaster gives about 3-5 prepared speeches per year

Great speeches aren’t written, they’re rewritten

It’s not just about the presentation, it’s about the mindset

Skill-set without mind-set will leave your audience up-set

Are you trying to be the best speaker that day, or reach the audience
– effect your audience three days after you speak

Conscience mind – what you’re thinking right now
Subconscious mind – where your habits live

Easy to get things in the conscience mind. Our goal is to get it into the subconscious mind
– repetition
– a story well told … Ever have a child come to you before bed and ask, “mommy, daddy, show me a power point presentation”?

Don’t lose the student mindset – Darren says he doesn’t consider himself world class yet, and hope he never loses that mindset

Must haves:
Pause on purpose
“You-focused” questions – be conscience of your I/You ratio
Tap and transport – tap into their world and then transport them into your story
VAKS – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, smell – it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what they see when you say it
Internalize, don’t memorize – use anchors (main points in the story people can remember) – don’t be in your head
Holograms – know your locations on the stage
Move with purpose – location anchors
Separate the stories
The emotional truth
Speak to one, look to all – “have you ever…” not “how many of you…?”
So what, who cares, what’s in it for me? – that’s what your audience is thinking
Give two points about a character, a visual and an emotional
Dialog – the one tip that would make the biggest change in your speech
Reactions tell the story

Must avoids:
Too much blah blah blah (technical explanations)
Too long to your first story
Too much detail (60sec)
Too many points
If you’re in your head, your emotions are dead
Too much narration
Characters do not make eye contact with the audience

One tip is to get your speech transcribed and look at the words in your speech and look

Three pillars of speaking

Used to care about the “ha-ha”s and now focused on the “ah-ha”s

Awesome presentation!


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