Day two in the life


Have you ever wondered just how many random thoughts you have per day? If you were sitting next to me at my computer as I write this, you’d probably be amazed at how many random thoughts I’m typing, and then cutting and pasting throughout tonight’s post.  It might even make you ask, “how does this guy blog just once per day?”

In related news: I spent some time this evening with my friend, and fellow EDGE member, Arlen Busenitz. We talked about our goals and plans toward becoming professional speakers. It’s nice to work with someone who has a clear focus and a desire to succeed. Also, I think that our skills compliment each other pretty well. Arlen has already created two CDs, the latest of which is titled Make the Audience Laugh – 21 Secrets to more Humorous Presentations. Two years in a row Arlen has been recognized as the top humorous speaker in the Wichita area in our annual Toastmasters humorous speaking contest. I feel like I need to play a little catch-up.

In last night’s post (my first ever blog), I introduced my theme – Talk to the Human™. As I post each day (!), my plan is to help develop that theme. You’re probably asking “how will you do that, Rob?” Since you asked, here is tonight’s FAQ (3 main points) on the Talk to the Human™ theme:

1. Thoughts, tips, and techniques on how to Talk to the Human™ when speaking in public. This will include specific information on public/professional speaking, Toastmasters, and anything related to that type of communication.

2. 3 Ts on how to Talk to the Human™ when working with employees. Based on 18 years experience as a Military leader, and over 10 years training supervisors around the world.

3. 3 Ts on how to Talk to the Human™ when managing projects. Based on 9 years as a professional Project Manager.

As I reach this point, it occurs to me that these posts make a potentially dangerous assumption. Does the reader know anything about me? I imagine the first few readers (dare I say dozen?) probably know me after finding a link to this blog on Facebook or Twitter. However, as others stumble here and begin reading, some sort of introduction is in order.

During my recent trip to Connecticut, I learned that I really need three solid introductions for my life as an expert who speaks professionally (see the three reasons in the FAQ above). To meet that goal, I will post my primary introduction in tomorrow night’s post. Then anyone who doesn’t know me at all will at least have an idea of the value I offer as a speaker. That’s right, I said VALUE. That doesn’t mean 50% off. I’ll be sure to include a short résumé as well, just to get the whole thing out there at once.

One other thought before I close: I want to thank the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine, and the Butterfly Herder, Cynthia Lay for their kind comments on my first post. You guys rock…

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