Did you forget to start?


Dear in the Headlights
Is it 2016 already?

Okay…it’s January 2nd. Resolution check – how’s it coming? What?? You forgot to make a resolution? No way! Or…did you just forget to start?

Or maybe you’re not a “resolution person”. That’s okay. Either way, January 2nd shouldn’t be the end of your journey to greatness. Just like January 1st didn’t have to be your start.

I don’t really consider myself to be a resolution person, per se. But I do find myself thinking about, “what will I accomplish this year?” It feels like a lot of people do that, even if they don’t intend to. It’s like Black Friday, nobody I know shops on Black Friday. Yet, every place in America is packed. You may not think much about New Year’s resolutions, but somehow it’s a big thing even though no one I know does them.

It’s true, resolutions can be overwhelming. Thinking about “how can I become fluent in another language”, “how can I earn a promotion at work” or “how can I lose 30 pounds?” can be difficult to grasp that path to success. Maybe the better answer isn’t to come up with some “2016: the year I was perfect” type of goal. Maybe you need to consider a more manageable concept, like a direction.

Of course, experts (such as bloggers) will tell you that goals MUST be specific and measurable and all that. Heck, I’ve even said that in some of my expert posts. And if that works for you, then stick with it. But if you’re a person that struggles with those specific, measurable, attainable etc. goals, maybe it’s time for you to try something different in 2016. For the next few weeks, pick a simple direction you want to take this year. For instance, “I’d like to try learning a language”, or “I’d like to become a better speaker”. Then, each week set a one-week goal that moves you in that direction.

Try setting a simple weekly goal. For example:

This week I will read 2 articles from a magazine or blog related to my industry. (here are two examples on Agile Project Management – first linksecond link)

This week I will work out 2 times, for 30 minutes each time.

This week I will watch 3 video lessons from Darren LaCroix.

This week I will complete 2 lessons in Rosetta Stone Spanish. (or pick an applicable language)

This week I will write 2 blog posts, or record 2 podcasts.

This week I will apply for 2 jobs.

You get the idea.

Now, write that weekly goal on a post-it note. Stick the post it note somewhere where you’ll see it. Maybe above your computer screen, or on the fridge, or on your bathroom mirror. If your spouse sees it, just say “I read about this from an expert on the Internet”. Or simply, “I’m trying something new this week”

I say try this out for the month of January, and see if you feel different on the 2nd of February. If you’re reading this sometime after January 2016, go ahead and try it now and go for whatever month this is.

Post comments below and let me know what worked for you. What do you have to lose?

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