Do you need a Writer’s group?


I think I need a writer’s group.

This evening I attended a writer’s group at a local Barnes & Noble. Don’t die of shock. Yes, I was at a Barnes & Noble today.

What is a writer’s group? In this case, it’s a diverse group of people (tonight 14 strong) who come together twice a month to discuss their writing and provide one another support and useful critiques about their stories.

This evening, I heard a grandfather’s story about his young granddaughter staying over, a teen’s fictitious island off the coast of Greece and a scene from a novel about 8th Century Europe.

All were well told stories, and made me wonder whether or not this group was right for me. After all, my genre is non-fiction. Maybe I didn’t stay long enough to hear from the others.

What I did hear was the dialog between many of the writers in the group. Everyone in the group was given equal opportunity to read their work, and the group provided useful (I thought) feedback in the post-reading conversations.

Back to the title question, “Do you need a writer’s group?”

Can you answer yes to these questions?
1. Are you a writer? (when asked tonight, I asnwered, “I think so”)
2. Do you want actual people to read what you write?
3. Can you handle some constructive feedback?

If so, then maybe a writer’s group is for you. Try one. And if you’re in Kansas City on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, maybe this writer’s group is for you.

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