Done…but not Perfect


I finished editing the content of my first monthly newsletter tonight. I found a template that I liked and finished populating it with some info that I edited from a few posts and I’ve included some new thoughts. I feel pretty good about the format and the content, but for some reason I’m delaying publishing it on my website and sending it out because…it’s…not…perfect…yet.

It seems to me that I posted something on this very concept a few nights back. When I pulled it up, it turns out the post was from August 29th, but I suppose “few” is an inexact term anyway…

To quote me, I said “…getting something done is more profitable (and achievable) than perfect.” I suppose I should listen to that advice, since I gave it. And in truth, I gave it because it’s worked for me in the past. So here’s the plan: Tomorrow evening I will send the newsletter out to my mailing list (which is currently a short list) and post it on my website in PDF form.

The title of the newsletter, not surprisingly, is Talk to the Human™ and the tagline is Ways to improve your interactions with real people – On stage or in the office

Sorry for the self-serving pitch, but if you’d like to receive the newsletter in e-mail form each month, just drop me a note at, or go to my website and sign up on the on-line form there. This will be a monthly newsletter that will make you a better presenter, on the stage or in the office .

Once again, thanks to Darren LaCroix for this pearl of wisdom –  ”Done is more profitable than Perfect”…I know it’s worked for him too!


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