Done is more profitable than perfect!


How’s that whole “procrastination” thing working out for you? More specifically, do you find yourself letting the pursuit of perfection (even occasionally) get in the way of getting things done?

While perfect may be an admirable goal, the fact is that getting something done is more profitable (and achievable) than perfect. To be clear,  I’m not advocating a half-baked effort. Nor am I suggesting that “done” means “done forever”. It’s understandable not to just want to call something ready or complete just to say you’re done, but I’m referring to the other extreme where you keep feeling that you’re almost ready…almost ready…almost ready.

For a personal example, you need look no further than my website. For a while, I was waiting until I had everything ready before I published it. If I had kept waiting, there would just be a dream of a perfect website, with draft 17.0 on my hard drive. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be as good as the existing site is now, since I have made some changes based on some of the valuable user feedback I’ve received. Plus, having a site out there has prompted me to be more vigilant about improving it, and adding content. Much in the same way as starting this blog has helped adjust my mindset to put some sort of thoughts in writing, and to seek feedback for content in my coming book on public speaking. I admit it still needs work (I need to link the blog to my website, for one thing).

Frankly, I believe I spent more time spinning my wheels toward perfection with less to show for it than now that I’m taking the avenue toward getting things done. Now don’t get me wrong, my Xbox 360 game-score has not progressed well since I’ve taken this approach. But I consider that an acceptable sacrifice toward my overall life plan. Of course, I mean no disrespect to my Halo 3 friends.

Thanks to Darren LaCroix for this pearl of wisdom –  “Done is more profitable than Perfect”…


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