Dude, you speak too fast


How could this happen? I’ve done such a good job (I think) in slowing down my speech as I continue to practice and improve. But lately, the feedback I’ve been getting is that I’m speaking too fast.

I think this means one of two possible problems (or both):

1. Trying to cram too much content into a given time block.

2. Not having enough time for the content I have.

You may think these are the same, or at least they sound similar. But they aren’t.

Too much content means I’m either adding in irrelevant information, or I’m trying to get too much done for the time I’ve been allotted.
– Have a clear point
– Make sure my stories aren’t just “interesting to me”, but they also help to drive my point home
– Remove content that doesn’t help
– Narrow the focus of the point, if necessary

Not enough time means I haven’t planned properly for the content I have.
– Check the “too much content” points above
– More practice to determine the time I need
– Split the program into “part 1” and “part 2”
– Try practicing the segments at a Toastmasters meeting and getting feedback

These are not all-inclusive solutions, but as I work on some of my training programs for Ed Tate’s “Train the Trainer” seminar (www.edtate.com) I need to overcome this old habit I’m slipping back into. Post comments if you have any ideas for me or the readers. Thanks!

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