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Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes for the afternoon. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

After lunch … I mean Lunch in Vega$, the champs started the afternoon session with a session on storytelling with Craig Valentine and Mark Brown. To be honest, I was watching this section without taking any notes…oops.

Next – Darren, Craig, Mark and Ed gave some interesting tips for competing. This isn’t something that is currently on my radar, but here’s what they said:
Mark said to do your research – understand the judges ballot

How do you deal with giving the same speech at different levels without coming off like it’s memorized?
Ed said to do that, he chose to re-live it instead of re-tell it. One example was mentioned about how the 2010 World Champion, David Henderson, had clearly re-lived his story when he won the 2010 contest.

What is the difference between a contest speech and speaking in the real world? Craig said he felt the difference that he needed to be perfect. But the bigger difference is the contest is more like a monolog than a dialog. Mark mentioned that this is probably because of the short time of the contest speech (<7:30 min). Real speaking is less rigid. Darren says in real speaking, you have more to work with since you are there for a specific audience. Name one thing you do to get better
Craig mentioned his Wednesday workout – every Wednesday he listens to one of his speeches in full and take notes on it.
Darren says you get three times the growth when you record yourself – the more you tell your stories, the more they will evolve.
Mark told us to be a student – access that myriad resources out there. You can always learn something from someome. If you stop learning, you stop living.
Ed talked about how success is based on inconvenience. Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. He has a garage sale every year on some of his beliefs. That means he get’s rid of those beliefs that are no longer valid. He also mentioned the 100-day challenge (google it). It includes daily 5-minute lessons and challenges you to complete your goals.

Production goals – this is a dollar goal – you don’t have 100% contol over this
Process goals – put a newsletter out every tuesday – these you have total control over
Ed uses Income Producing Activities (IPA goals)

One of the next topics was on the World Champions Edge website. We had a walkthrough of all of the features and information available on the member website.

After that Ed Tate covered how to integrate exercises into your presentations.

Change it up every 5-6 minutes – we have been conditioned (by the magic that is TeeVee) to expect change about every 6 minutes (i.e. commercial breaks).

Ed used an example of one of his exercises about Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)…don’t let the FUD get to you.

He touched on his 3-dimensional speech process (http://robchristeson.com/3-dimensional-winner) as he did these examples.

Ed talked about think, share, and pair as a method to get the audience interacting. Think on your own, Pair with a neighbor, and then Share with the group.

How do you go about creating your exercises? Ed says that there are many exercises already out there, but he has the most fun creating his own exercises. His main goal is to hit all of the learning modalities (VAKs) – Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic

Another source is Thiagi (www.thiagi.com).

After this, Patricia Fripp did one of her celebrity interviews with Dan Maddux, the Executive Director of the American Payroll Association. I think that this interview (at least the audio) will be available on the Edge website.

Last discussion is about the Edge membership
Begin with what is working:
Edge Summit
Discount on events and products
Affiliate program
Weekly Lessons
Recorded topics
Patricai Fripp’s interview series

What could be better:
Switch up the call times
Make the CD an audio download option

There was also some discussion on other options for Edge membership, and there was some interesting discussion about Mentors, Mastermind Groups and Accountability Partners.

With the evening wrapped up, it’s time for Dinner in Vega$, baby!

More tomorrow!

Affiliate link alert: World Champions EDGE. This link will take you to the Edge website, where you can see some free materials or sign up for just $1 for the first month.

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