Find your story…Impress your friends


Are you ready to tell your story when the opportunity presents itself?

In previous posts, I’ve talked about the importance of finding your story to be prepared for those impromptu speaking situations. One of the situations was speaking at holiday parties or other social occasions.

How would you feel about a three step process that would help you we ready for that planned spontaneity situation in the social setting? Would you pay $19.95 for such a wonderful and useful tool? Really? For a limited time (i.e. the next dozen or so years) I’m going to have that available right here on the Talk to the Human™ blog for free! Ready? Okay!

Step one – preparing what you know. I talked about this in a previous post, but this time I’m providing more specifics:
1. Identify your three best topics (i.e. organizing, working out and blogging)
Start with just one at first. In fact, let’s say one of your best topics is reading blogs. I’m not being facetious here, just bear with me. You have an interest in blogs (like mine)

2. Decide on your best story on each topic (i.e. something where you learned a useful lesson from another source)
For the blog example, think of two or three blogs that you would likely recommend, and think about a post or two from each blog that you really liked and be able to describe the main theme and what you learned or enjoyed about them

3. Come up with transitions from common themes (i.e. holidays to speaking, “biggest challenge” to leadership, or your own common themes)
For the blog-reading story, your transition would depend on which blog(s) you like to read.  You could use something as simple as “do you know what I read the other day?” or, you could use my favorite: “speaking of changing the subject…”

Build your story file over time, and before you know it you’ll have those spontaneous responses ready to go day or night. If you need to brainstorm some ideas, or would like to read a post on a more specific topic, go ahead and leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail with your request.

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