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As promised, I’ve worked on my introduction. This was one of my goals leaving Champ Camp last week. I need introductions for anytime I speak on on of my areas of expertise. This particular introduction is for times when I speak on presentation skills for corporate audiences:

Have you ever sat in a meeting presentation that lasted too long? Have you ever watched a Powerpoint slide show being read line-by-line? Was that person you?  Today, you’re going to pick up a 3-step process that will save you preparation time, shorten your meetings, and make you look good in front of your boss.
Rob Christeson has shared this process with audiences for over 10 years. Helping front-line managers, military leaders, and corporate executives to improve their skills, impress their boss and see success in the conference room and any speaking venue.
If you’ve found yourself starting at the screen instead of connecting with your audience, this presentation will help you get on the right path and move forward in being a more confident, credible, and successful presenter.  Please welcome Rob Christeson <applause>

So that’s the idea.  Of course, I say “Freeze the Design”, but it’s likely this one will undergo some renovation, based on feedback here and at future Toastmaster meetings.

For tomorrow, I’m going to shift to the 3 keys to developing better communications. I’ll focus on the first step to Building your Foundation, which is to Know your Audience. After that, I’ll move into the second and third keys, Prepare your Message and Succeed in the Moment. Some of the terms may work their way through some changes. My plan is to use this blog to work through what works and what doesn’t in my content, and make adjustments where needed.

If you want to see some more on my 3 keys, download my checklist from my website. The main site can be found at It’s in pretty good shape right now, but it will be undergoing some changes as I work through all of this. Also, I expect to get my first CD out there for purchase this weekend. It’s called Panic to Power, and it was a collaborative effort with Craig Valentine, Ed Tate, and Darren LaCriox (1999, 2000, and 2001 World Champions of Public Speaking). More to come on that…

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