Get Motivated – Bill Cosby Style


At the Wichita Get Motivated seminar, Bill Cosby one one of the featured speakers of the day. Much of what he said was fantastic. But was really unique was who he brought on stage.

Because he was one of the later presenters in the day, people were primed to volunteer. When Bill said that he wanted to bring two people on stage, some voices called out “me” and similar requests. Bill’s response? (paraphrased) “I already have them picked out.”

He brought up two people, a young woman and her mother. He told us a brief story of how he met the young woman (who worked) at the hotel, and how she had made an impression on him. He asked her to tell the audience what her plan was. She responded “I’m going to be a Physician’s Assistant” (also known as a PA).

Then, Bill asked the mom what he had said to her. After some cajoling, it came out that BIll though she should pursue her dream, which was to be an Orthopedic Surgeon.

He mentioned that in their conversation yesterday, her concern was the time that it would take to reach that goal. At 22, the prospect of being 26, 28 and 34 before she reached that goal. (Bill mentioned all of those ages, but focused on the final #, 34).

Pay attention to this: His response? “You’re going to be 34 either way.” He then asked her if she wanted to be 34 and regret what could have been?

He not only was able to get her to commit to pursuing her dream, he also had her mother commit to keeping the pressure on. Plus, he had the audience cheering and supporting her as well.

The main point he supported throughout the presentation was to be a “Do It.” person.

Bill was funny (duh), relevant, and motivational. Easily worth the price of admission…

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