Going Pro? Try the third alternative


There are a lot of ways to do things as a professional consultant/speaker, and they can usually be summarized into two main categories – do it yourself or get a pro to do it for you.

For instance, if you want a website you can do it yourself, or get a pro.

If you want to speak in front of audiences, schedule them yourself or get a pro (speakers bureau).

If you want to create products, such as audio or video programs do it yourself, or get a pro.

But what if, like me, you agree with Stephen Covey when he says, “find the third alternative“?

What if you could find a pro just before they become a pro?

Yesterday, I spent the morning in a video studio watching my friend Arlen Busenitz (of speakinginfo.com fame), who is also my partner in www.speakerblogger.com, creating one of his upcoming products. The thing about this studio was:

1. Pro Quality
2. Far less expensive than a Pro Studio
3. wait for it…at a local college

Stephen Covey loves the win-win situation, and this is a prime example. The college student gets real world experience that can fit on their resume as well at the practical experience (plus some lunch money), and the speaker can get near-pro quality for a fraction of the cost (keeping some lunch money too).

This doesn’t just work in the video department. I’ve known people to do this for book editing of self-published work as well as audio recordings.

Of course, you may find that some skill sets don’t meet your needs. This certainly isn’t an option for everyone. However, if you have the time and want to save a few bucks while helping a future professional get to where they are going, this third alternative could be for you.

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