Four Aces of Speechwriting


Tuesday was a good day to be Rob. It was probably a good day to be you too, but that’s not the point. I had the opportunity to talk to my friend and fellow speaker Arlen, and we were discussing our coming plans and products. While we were discussing his coming speechwriting course, a theme and title for my slant on the subject came to mind.

That’s right, I’m claiming The Four Aces of Speaking™ to be my theme for delivering spectacular speeches. This will be an audio program based on the Ace your Opening audio lesson I’ve already created. I’ll put out 4 free audio lessons; one for each ace. These will be short, useful lessons. I’ll also offer expanded versions in CD form to provide expanded knowledge on speaking preparation.

I did an exhaustive search of the Internet in all of its glory (i.e. Google and Amazon). I found no instances of anyone using “four aces of…” related to speaking or speechwriting. So those are now the titles of my works in progress.

Dying to know what the Four Aces will be? I’m glad you asked!

Ace your Preparation, Ace your Opening, Ace your Content, and Ace your Conclusion.

I haven’t decided wich one will be Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs just yet. In fact, these may see some changes, since I’m not prepared to Freeze the Design just yet.

Also, I’m using The Four Aces of Speechwriting™  for my course on writing phenomenal speeches. Expect that to be out in early 2010.

I like it when a plan comes together, and working with other professionals really helps me to focus my ideas. As I said, it was a good day, and I’m always glad when I capture ideas in that first 37 seconds…

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