Happy Football-Family Day


Are you tired of people asking what you are thankful for? It’s like the only topic we’re allowed to talk about today and tomorrow, right? Of course, you probably mentioned stuff like your family, friends and other big-ticket parts of your life. But what about those things we’re really thankful for but afraid to admit to?

For instance, someone I know said that ESPN is one of the little things we should be thankful for this Thursday, but I had to remind him that none of the games are actually on ESPN. But why not give thanks for CBS, Fox, and the NFL Network (the HD versions, or course)?

If you are asking “How can you waste Thanksgiving being thankful for something so trivial? HD didn’t even exist 20 years ago!” I’d say “Stop whining and go play with your Wii!”

There are times that we forget to be happy about the little things that are going so well in our lives. The ability to watch Football, Martha Stewart in HD, or whatever, is not in the Constitution. It’s not in the Bible. It’s didn’t even make the cut in Sarah Palin’s new book (I haven’t checked, but I’m sure I’m right). But those are things we can choose to be thankful for (except the new book, I think only SP is thankful for that).

Of course, my list has more than the NFL Network and Sam Bradford (Rams QB) on it, but we all have some small things that we sometimes forget to be thankful for.

So Thursday, when you’re sitting around the flat panel, with the BluRay on pause, watching a 1080p version of life-like grass on CBS, think about who and what you are thankful for. Then after you turn to that person and say so (or FaceBook ’em if you need to) you can also say “Thank You for Fox Sprots!”. Don’t skip the important stuff, but don’t be afraid to look to the little things and say thanks.

Play ball! (or whatever)

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