Happy New Year!


Seems fair, right? If the retailers can keep pushing Black Friday back into Thanksgiving (10pm tonight for one retailer, midnight for many others), then I can wish you a happy 2012 today, right?

As the holiday season really kicks off today, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to look to where you’ll be in just 5 short weeks. What resolutions will be swimming around in your head and what can you do today to get started without “giving up the fun”?

1. Fun – who says food and sitting around is the only way to have a good time? Take a short break between games and walk around the block with the family. Then do it again before dark. Or, play some football in the yard. Do something!

2. Weight/Fitness – Don’t wait for the first of the year! This coming month, the gyms are almost empty. Get started now on a limited basis. Get used to going, get used to a routine, and get used to succeeding. Then in January when all of the 2-month wonders start their program – and get discouraged by the crowds – you’ll be in a routine and you can keep it going for the long hall.

3. Work – Have you read the statistic that for most people, 20 years of experience is really just one year of experience repeated 20 times? Think about it. Do you see that example proven every day? I do. Now is your chance to get a jump on that next year.
– Read a book (you have some spare time over the holidays, right?)
– Look at getting a new certification

– Join Toastmasters (if you’re already a member, schedule a speech and start on your next goal!)

No matter what your resolution may be, getting a jump on it now is a better deal than a $974 45.7″ LQD Panel TV. And! It’s easier than standing in line for 5 hours just to witness the last one snatched right before your eyes.

Happy New Year!


  1. Rock on! I think Christmas is way too commercial anyway, I like the old fashioned Christmas ideas where everyone makes gifts for one another, and the real meaning of Christmas isn’t forgotten in all of the pretty papers and ribbons….

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