Happy New Year – 2011


Are resolutions worth the time and effort? I was reading through my last New Year’s post, and I’m wondering if those suggested resolutions had any effect. Read more, Write more and Do more were my suggestions last year, and they still work as ideas for resolutions this year.

How did you do? Were you successful with your resolutions? If so, how will you build on that? If not, what will you change?

Here are a few quick/easy suggestions:

1. Read Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. It’s already in paperback…and it’s good. Geoff makes a compelling case for how we can be the best by choice, not just (or only) because we’re born to be.

2. Spend an hour a week at Starbucks, or Barnes & Noble, and just write what you feel. And have a Scone…or whatever.

3. Give one speech a month at your Toastmasters club. (if you’re not in a club…GO JOIN)

4. Read Drive by Daniel Pink. Not in paperback yet, but at the library. FANTASTIC book on motivation.

5. Find a blog you like and leave a comment. I love comments and so do other Blog writers. I read a stat that says 90% of Blog writers love comments, and the other 10% lie about it. Discuss.

Anyway, resolutions don’t have to be difficult and grueling to be useful.  If you make ’em bite size and manageable,  you’ll see yourself moving forward and achieving more success in the new year.

Bonus tip: Make a list as you complete them. Then, you can look back on your success as you travel through this year. When you look at that long list of accomplishments next December, you’ll know that those resolutions were worth your time and effort.

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