Is 2011 really over?


Can you believe it? 2011 is coming to an end. Did you accomplish anything, or did you “make it”? Don’t feel bad if that’s the case, sometimes just making it can be an accomplishment. Especially in an annoying economy with equally annoying political and social issues all around us.

Now’s the time of year when we look at where we are, where we’d like to be, and why did my mother do this to me???

Ok…Freudian issues aside, how can we look forward to a positive 2012?

Start with a look at yourself. Look at these categories and ask yourself, “Where am I?”

1. Education – do you have the degree you want, the skills you need or the abilities that will get you ahead? How can you bridge the gap in 2012?
– Take a class. No you don’t always need a degree to make a difference. Pursuing a degree puts you ahead of your peers, plus as you finish each class, you know new stuff. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.
– Read. Find your pace and bump it up a notch. Read a book once a year? Now read one every three months. If it’s already once every three months, up it to every other month. When you can, go with one a month. Look at “My Favorite Books” on the right side of this page for some ideas, or just browse your local library and/or Barnes & Noble (where I am right now).
Join Toastmasters. Yeah, you saw it coming. No better way to improve your speaking, leadership and networking skills.

2. Job – I lovw the quote that 20 years of experience is usually just one year repeated 20 times. If you find that you fit into a similar category, what are you going to do about it?
– Take some additional training at work. Online or in person, most companies offer classes that can improve your skills. Take advantage of them.
– Look at the education options above. They apply at work in many ways.

3. Family – If you could make one change that would make your family life better, what would it be?
– Be specific! Don’t say “spend more time with the kids.” Try, “dedicate one hour on Mon/Wed/Fri to teaching my daughter to speak French.” or “Take my family out to a movie at least twice a month.” You get the idea?

2012 doesn’t have to win any awards for “best stresser” if you take a reasonable approach to setting that next resolution. You don’t have to bridge that gap from where you are to where you want to be in just one year. Take a look at wh

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