Job Hunting Tips: Don’t repeat one year twenty times


For some, 20 years of experience is 20 years of continuously learning new skills, gaining experience and becoming a seasoned specialist in your area of expertise.

For others, it’s doing the same work each year for 20 years. In other words, one year of experience repeated 20 times.

If there’s a down-turn, who gets laid off first?
If you’re both looking for that next job (while currently employed or not), who has the better résumé?

You know.

How do you make sure you’re the 20-year veteran, and not the repeaterdude?
1. Take on new assignments
2. Find ways to learn (professional organizations, seminars, even blogs)
3. Don’t settle for being good enough – it isn’t anymore (and really never was)

Success is a résumé (and LinkedIn profile) that shows progress, not repetition. Make your next year worth a year.

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