Lady and the Champs – Ed Tate’s Keynote


Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes from the session. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

Ed’s keynote was titled Mindset Shifts: How to Overcome those Little Voices in Your Head

Pimpology – “A pimp has a book!” – if a pimp can have a book, why can’t you?

“Separate your ideas from your grammar. You can hire an editor to correct your grammar. But only you can come up with your content.” – Carrie Perrien Smith

How do you define CYA?
Call your Attorney
Challenge your Assumptions
Change your Attitude

List Characteristics of a Model Leader – lots of input from the audience:
Lead by Example
Goal Oriented
Sense of Humor

The ultimate deception – a belief through programming that we have weaknesses. You have no weaknesses, just varying degrees of strengths. You either have something, or you have nothing. You can never have less than none. We all have varying degrees of strength measured from zero.

We must make a state change in our mind, in area of our lives where we see ourselves as less than zero.

Be In 10-tional
Treat everyone as if they have the ability to be a 10.

10 mindset shift strategies:
1. Anchor success with a verbal and physical gesture (make a one-word battle cry – Yes! Hooah!)
2. Celebrate All wins
3. Stop! Thank you for sharing (anytime you hear a negative thought)
4. Daily Debrief – what worked? what did not work? what did you learn?
5. How to handle mistakes
– Mistakes are Unavoidable
– Document your Thoughts/Assumptions
– Would you make the same choice now?
– Forgive yourself
6. Pay for your mistakes only once! (remember, there are other people that will do that for you)
7. Celebrate Mistakes – even if I fall on my face, when I stand up I’ve still made progress
8. Don’t Generalize or Globalize from a specific (Always, Never)
9. Goals: Give someone your goals and read them out loud
10. How to handle failed goals
– What did you accomplish on the journey?
– What were the successes you had along the way?

Check out for more information on Ed and his programs.

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