Lady and the Champs – Final Wrap-up



That’s how I feel, and I bet that’s how many people would say they feel. And not a negative spent, but a “wow” feeling.

If I could summarize this weekend in just one sentence…I’d charge you big bucks for that sentence.

Okay, seriously – here’s the takeaway:

Discover. Design. Do.

Disclaimer: I stole that. A new friend of mine, Pam Weatherford, has a company called D3 Seminars. Her tag line is Discover. Design. Do. When I read that on her business card, I was instantly jealous.

Discover new things – I heard so many people say that this happened for them this weekend.

Design them into your life – This is the next step. Start today!

Do something about it! – Without this step, the rest is a waste of your time.

I could post more, but you get it…

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