Lady and the Champs – Mark Brown’s keynote


Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes from the session. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

Mark Brown gave a keynote called, Experience it in 3D: Tools for Making Your Stories More Descriptive

He described methods for giving presentations that parallel television. Black and White, Color, Hi-Def, 3D, and 3D Hi-Def

One mistake many speakers make is when they write for the eye and not for the ear. What this means is sometimes we write for effect, but not using language that we would normally use.

He referenced the technique of recording yourself when you speak, and then watching it.

When you review your speech, mute the audio and see if your actions support your ideas? Then mute the video (i.e. turn around) and listen to your audio.

Champ moment: Mark made the best tape rewinding sounds I’ve ever heard in real life. Then he said, “or go back one track.”

3 ways to tell a story
– A man dates a woman and they break up
– A man takes his girlfriend out on a date, asks her to marry him, and she says no.
– John has the ring, he takes Jill to a special bistro and says, “Jill, you are the love of my life. Will you marry me?” Jill looked him in the eye, “John…this is all so sudden! I’m not…I’m not ready for this.”

Don’t just tell us, take us. Make the audience a part of the experience.

Your story doesn’t have to be sensational, just sincere.

Make sure to to use Verbal Visuals to build those pictures in the minds of the audience.

Use plenty of Adjectives and Adverbs to make your dialog more descriptive.

When you speak about this session, remember the “Crazy Mark Brown”.

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