Lady and the Champs – Retrospective


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Ed Tate likes to say “Review your Keepers”. This refers to the notes you’ve taken, and he says that if you review your notes every 24 hours for 7 days, your retention will be above 82%. In my experience, this works.

For me, that has been reviewing and editing my blog posts on the conference. If you wonder how/why I did this in the first place, read about the 37 second rule (I learned this from Ed Tate too, last year).

But here is a short list of key takeaways, and a few other thoughts, now that my brain has begun working again…

Take action – “Successful people do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” – Ed Tate

Done is More Profitable than Perfect – This is from Darren LaCriox, although I’m not sure if he said it at the conference this time. (I did miss one of his breakout sessions). 🙁

There is no one secret to success – everyone is looking for the silver bullet. Realize that in Marketing or anything, you have to have multiple actions in work to see success. It takes Time, Energy and Imagination to be successful.

The story is told in the reactions – Darren LaCoix. The exercise where he showed this was worth the trip.

If I said it, you spread it – Craig Valentine, when I asked him how he felt about me blogging my notes and thoughts from the sessions.

Don’t motivate…inspire – Mark Brown said “I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m an inspirational speaker.” He says you can’t motivate others, motivation comes from within. I agree with that, and I see people get stuck on this point. Does it really matter if I motivate you, or if I inspire you to motivate yourself? Are the semantics that important? If the term is important to you, okay. Just remember that there can be many similarities between what people define as motivating someone and inspiring someone to motivate themselves. Of course, you need to understand motivation to be successful. Read Drive by Daniel Pink for some fantasic insights into motivation.

During the conference, I learned that Darren’s least favorite Toastmaster word was gestures. He prefers body language, because gestures implies something artificial and usually just using your hands. I agree that body language is a better word choice, but I may slip and say stuff…I mean gestures…from time-to-time.

My least favorite Toastmasters line is “Don’t thank the audience, they should thank you.” I heard someone say this at one of the breakouts and I wanted to react. This is such a poor cliche, since both parts of it are wrong. I do agree about not thanking a Toastmasters audience, and I understand why we teach “don’t conclude with thank you”. It’s not that you shouldn’t do it, it’s how to do it right.

Check out the Edge Site. If you are someone who needs to speak in front of an audience, the experience will be invaluable for you. 

Affiliate link alert: World Champions EDGE. This link will take you to the Edge website, where you can see some free materials or sign up for just $1 for the first month.


  1. Rob, I agree. I have spread the word as much as possible. The three days in Vegas were so valuable for so many reasons: lessons learned (and yes I need an iPad), awesome speakers, wonderful people, great friends, family time, and inspiration to move forward. Thank you for putting everything out on the web, it has saved me a great amount of time.

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