Lady & the Champs 2013 – Craig Valentine’s keynote


Craig Valentine’s keynote

Why did you laugh?
Failure is funny if it isn’t happening to you

Never stop asking questions

Keep them Laughing
– share your failure, flaws, frustrations and firsts
– uncover (don’t add) humor to your speech – stories, characters and dialog
FDR – failure, dialog and reactions ( the look before and after the line)

Keep them Reflecting
– you’re always too something to someone (too serious, too British, too young etc.)
– if you’re always too something to someone, be too good for it to matter
– get them to reflect
– get them to write down what they’re going to do with what you say
– discuss and debrief – turn to your neighbor

Keep them Moving
– run an exercise
— Craig had us pair up, and one person spoke for 90 seconds straight while the other was not allowed to say a word. Not as easy as it sounds. I learned that my life story only takes 64 seconds.
– discuss and debrief
– Smile (when appropriate)
– Open (behind a lectern is closed)
– Forward
– Territory (don’t favor one side of the audience)
– Eye contact
– Nod

Keep them Speaking
– encourage them to speak
– “if I say it, they can doubt me. If they say it, it’s true.”
– speak to one but look to all – “have you ever…” instead of “how many of you…”
– use the hallway test. Would you ask one person, “how many of you…?”
– bring someone up on stage
– repeat after me

Keep them Changing
– don’t change everything at once, make small changes – “change small and change often”
– too many speakers try to get across too much information in too little time
– when you squeeze information in, you squeeze your audience out
– keep the modes of learning changing throughout your presentations

Craig wrapped up reminding us not t get stuck on get set! Too many people get ready, they get set, but they never go.

“Don’t live your life on get set

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