Lady & the Champs 2013 – Craig Valentine’s Product breakout


Craig Valentine’s breakout – Producing Profitable Products

Build your list
– in two days Darren made $23,000 launching a new product to his list
– Craig decided to launch and his career has taken off in the last four years because of it

Speakers cycle of wealth
– sell products when you speak
– your products promote you
– you get more speaking opportunities
– you sell more product
– repeat

Your products are the next step for you to take
– your audience may view you as less professional
– Dan Kennedy says if you don’t sell product, you’re arrogant
— it means you think your speech is the end-all-be-all
— there’s no next step. Is that ever true?

This is what you want your audience to think:
“This is for me”
Be willing to narrow your market – you can’t strike oil digging

Know your Jesse
Keep two files
– what they want to avoid
– what they want to attain
Use their words to describe your product to them
Listen to your listeners

What gets recorded gets rewarded

Turn their pain into your promise

Think two, three or four products ahead
– there has to be a next step
– include references in those products, plus a discount

Your customers are your customers

What comes first, the product or the speech

How do you determine the order of the products?

Develop a slice of your subject
– don’t just be a speaking coach, be a keynote coach, or storytelling coach

Write 747 words every day – the more I write, the less I fly.

Repurpose, repackage, repeat

Mastering Back of the Room Sales – 14-15 months in the making

Lead generator – provide content that helps and leads to your paid product
– we’ve gone past the information world, we’re in the conceptual world
– don’t provide just information, provide concepts (ie 8 rules for …)

Fight for free – it’s tough to get people to accept your free product – don’t ask, “how would you like to receive 52 emails from me?” – instead ask, “how would you like to be three times better as a speaker by this time next year?”

Pro/con of paid product
Harder to convert people
Immediate income

Purchase or subscribe –
Look across industries – 52speakingtips came from another 52 site in another industry
Originality is the most dangerous word in marketing

Build in one next step – not 2 or 3 at once.

A book is for credibility, a CD is for profitability

One of the fastest ways to gain exposure – joint venture with another expert

Choose a topic
Create chapter titles
Create section titles under chapters
Create bullet points under sections
Create supporting copy under bullet points

World Class Product Creation – new product Craig is working on

    A couple of sites in the audience

Learn more about EDGE here: EDGE

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