Lady & the Champs 2013 – Darren LaCroix’s keynote


Darren LaCroix’s keynote

Leave your issues at the door
Sometimes we bring past audiences with us
Brian Tracy – “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
Don’t go to your family for inspiration, go to someone who has done it
Get the information from someone who’s done it before – don’t buy books from people who tell you about success, but have never done it themselves
David Brooks – “Let no one out prepare you”
What are you thinking before you go onstage?
Otis Williams Jr. – “Be so good the only question is who comes in second”

Go from “What will they think of me?” to “What will they leave with?”
Stop worrying about how you will look
Skill set without mindset will leave your audience upset
The audience wants you present, not perfect

Yes and…
Darren ran an exercise where we were paired up, and every reply had to start with “yes and” – this is a great exercise for keeping positive and keeping a scene moving

Izzy Gesell – Playing Along book – great book with ways to run improv exercises

We also did an exercise where we did a play by play with a video of a drive in Las Vegas.

Ever get put in a situation you were untrained for?

Be present, be in the moment for your audience.

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