Lady & the Champs 2013 – Ed Tate’s keynote


Ed Tate keynote – Influence Without Authority
How to achieve breakthrough results

Great opening story about getting tickets to the US Open

Speakers never have bad days, we just have new material

Always see the best in person (PF)

What were the elements of success, and how can you use them to get a yes for your request?
– don’t assume failure just because you found an obstacle
– wherever you go, treat people like you want to be treated – “be nice”
– assume success and remain positive
– positive attitude
– you recognized the value of what you were receiving
– Just because things didn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean they can work out for the best

    6 weapons of influence

Reciprocation –
Liking – the more we like people, the more we want to say yes
Authority –
Consistency –
Social proof – we look to what others do to guide our behavior
Scarcity- the less available he resource the more we want it

Law of reciprocity
Reciprocity is the almost universal belief that people should be paid back for what they do: that one good (or bad) turn deserves another

Ignore the Law of Reciprocity at your peril

– Influence Without Authority
Allen R Cohen and David L Bradford

Exercise – think of a situation where you had no authority, but you were able to successfully influence others you did not know. You did not use bribery, pressure, sex appeal or threats.

Common themes for success
– being nice
– being fun

    Influence Without Authority Model

1 – assume all are potential allies
2 – clarify your goals – separate secondary goals from primary
3 – diagnose the world of the other person – goals, needs and concerns
4 – identify relevant currencies (theirs & yours) – what do we have to trade
— being nice is a currency
5 – dealing with relationships – people think differently
— four factors influence our perception
— event, meaning, emotion, and do
6 – influence through give & take (trade and exchange) –

Example of how perception can influence our actions
Event Flowers Flowers
Meaning He likes me He did something Wrong
Emotion Good Suspicion
Do Hug or kiss Throw(n)

It’s the meaning that determines the outcome

Case study (exercise)
Step 1: working individually, answer the questions based on a situation you are currently facing (2 minutes)
1. Who are your potential allies?
2. What are your specific goals/results?
3. What are their GNC? Goals, Needs, and Concerns
4. Currencies? Theirs? Yours?
5. Relationship status? (+, – or 0)
6. Approach? What have you done so far?

Step 2: Form Groups of 3 (Triads)
Take 1 minute each to share your situation
– Goals
– Currencies
– Approach

Step 3 : choose an influence situation brainstorm a trading approach

You don’t have to be in charge to get things done. Use your influence!

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