Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mark Brown’s Stage use breakout


Mark Brown’s breakout – How to use the stage for maximum effect

Stages vary in size depending on where you are

Walk the stage before you speak
– get a feel for the platform
– get a “feel” for the platform (creaks, etc.)

Trust the stage as the canvas of your masterpiece
Not just wasted space (based on a large speaking area)

How do use a limited speaking area (like the head table lecture at a district conference)
– body language
– turn body
– eye contact
– arm movements

Don’t point with one finger, use an open hand

Use blocking techniques
Each location on the stage:
– helps to tell the story
– helps to identify characters
– helps to callback to previous references
– helps to remember the speech (audience answer)

Lesson on EDGEnet about the suspended story. Rare technique, but very powerful. Start a speech with a story, then just before the climax, go to your point(s) then tell the answer to the story at the end.
Bonus tip: use space out of the way so you don’t cross into your suspended scene

State critical points from a stationary position

When using “time travel”, use the audiences perspective from their left to right. Remember other cultures when speaking outside of the US

Move with Purpose
No need to walk the entire stage

Use props and visual aides wisely
They should enhance and support, not overtake

Respect your prime real estate
Restrict movements during critical moments
Make main points from a stationary position

Learn more about the EDGE here:

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