Lady & the Champs 2013 – Mike Rayburn


Mike Rayburn – bonus session

If you don’t know who Mike Rayburn is, you’re missing out!

Mike is in the National Speakers Association Hall-of-Fame, and for good reason. He’s both entertaining and profound, without coming off, well, like he’s profound.

Check him out here: Mike’s Videos

What if? Always ask, “but what if we could?”
Infinite possibilities
Reprogram your brain – stop looking for reasons you can’t

The best method for setting goals:
Write music that you cannot play
Thar means: Create a goal that doesn’t exist

It takes courage to think it
– this is nuts, but I’m gonna…

Three steps
Write it down
Commit to it
Take some kind of action on it right away, within 24 hours

Reward and punishment – same method we use to train mice
How does that make you feel?

What separates us?
Sense of purpose

Are you driving with the brakes on?
How to take the brakes off

Become a virtuoso – the apex of your art form
– resolve to be the best
– make the choice to become excellent

You don’t have to choose mediocrity, it’s already there for the taking
– good becomes the enemy of great
– coasting can be okay for a time, but it’s always downhill

Exercise: what would it take for me to become the best _______?
– then answer the question
– identify those things that will make you the best
– take it as far as you can take it

It won’t take more than ten minutes
You already know the answers
It will change your life

Final thought:
If we are all different, then you have something that others lack

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