Less talk…more quotes


Ready for another dose of quality quotes for your fantasy football draft? Here are some that you may find useful, along with one perception of what they mean:

Gerald Ford
“I’ve had a lot of experience with people smarter than I am”
My thought: I love this. Sometimes people forget that no matter how smart or important they are, there is always (a) someone out there who knows more, and (b)  something that every person knows that you (or I) don’t.

Douglas MacArthur
“You are remembered for the rules you break”
My thought: Don’t confuse breaking the rules with not knowing the rules. If you want to be remembered in a positive light for the rules you break, know the rule and why you’re breaking it.

 Dwight D. Eisenhower
“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell me more than he knows”
My thought: The wisest speakers are the ones who say what needs to be said, not everything that can be said.  

Alan Weiss
The first sale is to yourself
My thought: You’ll never be able to convince others of a course of action that you do not believe in yourself. 

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