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I was chatting with a coworker recently who didn’t want to have a web-enabled phone. I asked, “what’s the big deal?” and she said, “Get your head out of your iPhone and make iContact.” (this was in chat)

I replied, “I don’t have an iPhone.” because, well, I don’t. She said, “same thing”


So, of course the first chance I get I open my MacBook and started typing this post about getting your head out of the electronics and into real life. I am, if nothing else, a credible source on my own topics.

Have you thought about how much time per day you spend tethered to electronic devices? How about the number of hours per day you spend tethered (!) to real people? Is there a clear difference? How and when are you substituting iCrap for iContact?

Maybe you can take some small steps (literally) and add more iContact to your life:

Get out from behind your desk.
There’s a guy about 4 cube-aisles over from me. I need to talk to him about 5 times per day on various projects. It’s easy to open the chat program and ping him to get a quick response. However, I find that if I get up and walk over, I’m usually able to get more info and I can avoid any poor interpretations that can happen with a “quick chat” or e-mail. Are you substituting e-talk for real conversations too often? If so, get up!

Get out from behind the e-mail.
While e-mail and chat conversations can be good for quick distribution of information, nothing beats talking to a human when you need to get things done. When distance won’t allow you to make iContact, then at least put down the keyboard and use your iVoice. Of course, it’s okay to just call that your voice, I just needed to fit an iWord in there. If you find yourself hitting reply to a reply to a reply, then perhaps it time to dial.

Get out from behind the stuffy home computer.
Right now I’m posting this as I sit outside on my patio, diligently  BBQing tonight’s dinner. You may think I’m missing my own point, but consider this: the iWeather is nice, the iView is green and enjoying the iFood with my family is going to be awesome. You may not be able (willing?) to break the tether to iCrap all the time, but maybe you can find a way to get the best of both worlds.

So maybe I do spend to much time with my iStuff. If you do too, take a look at those opportunities and ask yourself, “can I talk to a real human, and maybe make some iContact?”

If so, get up and detach your tether. It can be tough, but you can do it. Trust me, iKnow.


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