Mark Brown’s breakout – Power Presentations


Editor’s note: this post is a compliation of my notes from the session. I’ll edit it in the next couple of days for better clarity.

Great speeches aren’t written, they are assembled.

The information you need to make that next presentation is already in your possession. It’s about taking those experiences and stories and assembling them into a powerful presentation.

You need:
Personal Passion
Universal Appeal
Compelling Message

Eight effective openings
Ask a question
Elicit a verbal or physical response
Use a quote
Use a story
Use a joke
Make a provocative statement
Sing (well) – or poorly if there is a reason (“would anyone like to hear more?”)

Make the middle memorable
I – information
R – real life – relate
I – inspiration
E – entertainment
IRIE means “no problem” in Jamaica

Make a point, tell a story

Build smooth transitions – use bridge words, phrases and sentences

Create a compelling closing
– Clear and Concise
– Call to Action – what is that next step
– Go Full Circle – tie your conclusion to the opening/main points

On the Platform
Memorize your opening and closing – rehearse!
Use you voice, and use your voice (you are not Mark Brown, don’t try to be him – whoever- be yourself)
Use your body
– Gestures
– Body Language
– Face
Use visual aids – use to support, not overtake
– Power Point
– Video
– Flip Chart
– Props

Nine ways to have a great Q&A
– Conduct the Q&A after your main points, and before your final words
Allocate a specific amount of time
Indicate how many questions
Repeat each question – plenty of you audience didn’t hear it the first time, and if you don’t repeat the question, your answer won’t mean anything
Answer concisely
If you don’t have the answer, admit it – and promise to follow-up
Handle hecklers respectfully
Frame your final question – let the audience know this will be the last one
Plant the first question- to get things going if needed
Let them hear you last – finish with your conclusion after you answer the final question

– Arrive early
– Know the room: temperature, set-up, lighting
– Check the microphone
– If necessary, rearrange the room

Most importantly: Present with Power!

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