Midyear check – have you completed your goals?


As we finish up the month of July, it’s a good time to reconsider your progress in your goals. What did you say you would do this year, and how far along are you?

Is it time to reevaluate those goals? Maybe things in your life have caused some stumbling blocks. Maybe your goal to lose 40 pounds is not realistic now. Don’t give up, adjust it to 20 pounds and make progress.

Want to be World Champion (Toastmasters) but didn’t win your District? Adjust your goal to creating and refining two new speeches for next year, and get an early start for the next contest season. Include being a judge this fall in the humorous contests to get some “inside” experience.

Maybe your goals were to easy. If that’s the case, look at what you can do next. Don’t wait for a new year to push a resolution through.

And if you are on track? Celebrate…and keep up the good work!

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