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I used to tell my troops in the Air Force that they should always seek to progress in their professional development. Even when you have a period of time where you can’t get things done, every little bit you do will add up to make you more successful over the long haul (a.k.a your life). There were so many folks that would take any excuse not to move forward in their goals. In my experience, if you want an excuse, one will be there for you.

Take college for example. If you’re working full time, it’s easy to see how it would be very difficult to complete a BA or BS in just 4 years. However, there are two other possibilities for where you can be in four years.

First – Excuseville. This is where you’ll be if you let every little “reason” in the world “delay” (a.k.a. stop) you from starting on your dream.
Second – Moving forward on the road to that degree. Even if you only finish 8 classes in those 4 years, that’s 8 more classes that the guy in excuseville.

I started thinking about this because of Toastmasters. I think about so many of my fellow members that are able to progress and improve their speaking abilities. I also see those that are living in excuseville, giving occasional speeches but never really progressing. I’m thinking about this because of the effect it can have on a club, to have members that are stagnant. As the head of Marketing for this group (in Kansas and Western Missouri), I wonder about how to get folks motivated and keep the organization appealing to new members.

To that end, I’m working on a message to focus on “Moving Forward” toward you goals, so I just need to refine that message and come up with some good methods to:
1. identify your goals
2. determine a realistic path to those goals
3. identify success factors toward achieving those goals
4. staying motivated when progress is slower than expected

I’ll keep working on this and post some decent (!) results in the next week or so. Editor’s update: The follow-on post is titled More Moving Forward.

Spoiler alert:“Move Forward” is one of the top candidates for my theme as presumptive District Governor in 2011-2012…

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