Movie Review: Promised Land


Promised Land is the latest Matt Damon/John Krasinski movie about a salesman from a natural gas company trying to get drilling (or fracking -the process of obtaining natural gas from underground) rights from land-owners in a small, and somewhat poor, farming town.

If you’re expecting this movie to portray an awesome fictional corporation coming in and saving a town through fair business practices, iron-clad safety guarantees and angelic-like ethics, you may want to stay home.

Matt Damon was believable as a small-town boy who made good representing a 9-billion dollar company, and is always on. The what’s-her-name in the female lead (Frances McDormand-I had to look it up) could have been played by anyone, and John Krasinski was solid until his last scene. In setting up Damon for the finale, Krasinski’s character seemed suddenly condescending in a way that didn’t fit his place.

Another oddity that didn’t seem to work was Damon’s sort-of love interest. Although played nicely by Rosemarie DeWitt, the scenes made Damon’s character look like he was on his first assignment and meeting his first “local girl”.

Although it didn’t feel like this movie was designed to push people too much in their feelings on fracking, in retrospect I’m not sure who the real audience was.

If you feel fracking is totally safe, you’ll probably not like the message. If you’re already against the process, you may find this one too tame. And if you’re in the undecided pool, you may just dismiss this as an obvious attempt to sway you.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy seeing Matt Damon run around a small town struggling with his conscience…

Rob’s Rating system (bolded, the rating is)
See it when it opens (or early if you’re able)
See it if you get a discount
Wait for the Blu-Ray
Wait for someone else to be done with the DVD
If you’ve read my review, you got the gist of it

Due out the 4th of January, I was lucky to preview it early thanks to a friend who knew about my love for movies.

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