National Friend Week


Have you heard that crap about national unfriend day? Well, now it’s time to fix the damage. Make this holiday week your own National Friend Week [NFW].

Some random celebrities think that it’s okay to tell you how to define your own friends and acquaintances. They want you to think that having friends on your facebook page cheapens the term in your real life. But is that true, or just someone else’s opinion?

Maybe we’re missing a better opportunity here. After all, what does it matter what word some online system uses to define our connections? It’s how we choose to define our friends that matters, and using different online resources to get and stay connected isn’t such a bad thing, is it? In fact, it can lead to better and stronger relationships.

While it’s true I don’t need to know what 477 people are having for a mid-morning snack, it’s also true that having that system can help me know my friends and acquaintances better than I otherwise would. And the best part is I can limit my exposure if I want, without resorting to deleting those connections.

Take another look at your friends list this week. But this time, don’t look for ways to “trim the friend fat.” Instead, look for ways to strengthen those relationships and make a few more.

Make it your very own National Friend Week. Friend someone, Follow their Tweets, and Digg their work. NFW!

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