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When I started my website up a couple of months ago, I intended to include a monthly newsletter as a part of the plan. You may or may not know that I have not yet set up a recurring newsletter yet. If you’re wondering “why?” I haven’t done that yet, the answer is rather straightforward, and also rather flawed. The answer: content.

If you’ve read even 10% of the 30+ posts I’ve created in this last month, you’d be justified in wondering why I am falling back on the content excuse. It seems clear, in hindsight, that I should be able to put together two or three decent articles per month for a newsletter. Maybe even a bit more than that.

So, on to this week’s goal: I’ll put together my first edition of my monthly newsletter this week, and post it on my website, with instructions here and on the site to allow those interested to opt in and receive it each month.

To start the process, here’s what I’m thinking of for the first edition:

1. An article on this blog, and what I’ve done with it so far.
2. An article on Moving Forward, which is one of my signature themes.
3. And of course, an article on what Talk to the Human™  really means.

I think it will just be a matter of refining some existing content in the blog, and shaping it into something readable. An additional goal here is to get published again in my local newspaper (likely with the second article). I spoke, in person, to the (human!) Business Editor of the Wichita Eagle last week, and he seemed amiable to publishing another article. I just hope I can come up with something worthy of being printed.

Stay tuned…

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