On writing well


“To defend what you’ve written is a sign that you are alive.”
—William Zinsser, WD

I just read this quote on Writers Digest blog, the title was 72 of the Best Quotes about Writing.

What made me repost it here? Well, when I read it I thought, “…yeah”. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Recently I’ve been posting tips on job hunting, in preparation for a new site I’m launching on, well, job hunting.

A well-written resume has to be defended, just like any opinionated writing.  You’re creating a non-fiction (!) work that describes why an employer should bring you in to talk about hiring you. Thus, you know, keeping you alive. (work with me on this)

Like any other writing, your resume has to be sharp. Not quick witted; but accurate and able to stand scrutiny. And the interview? Your time to show that you are alive, and ready to defend your writen word.

Just like William Zinsser said. (the guy in the quote)

More tips on resumes and interviews are coming…so stay tuned!

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