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I love the fact that WordPress lets me see what search engine terms are bringing people to my virtual doorstep. Keyword searches have become a very real tool for day to day business and personal use as well. Search engine optimization is a very relevant topic is the blogosphere, and it’s generating a number of books and programs available for purchase. Most of the analysis I have read is in determining what people are searching for and then optimizing content to get hits. In this case, I decided to analyze what people searched for that allowed them to find me.

Here are some real-world examples of how readers have found the answers to life on my blog:

Some are from people who know me and are looking for my blog, such as:
talk to the human
talk to the human blog rob
rob christeson blog

Some are very Toastmaster specific:
dtm designation
what is the most number of dtm’s earned
is there any value being a distinguished
toastmasters misconceptions

Some are solid speaking topic requests:
21 secrets to more humorous presentation
importance of language skills
tips for pausing while speaking
importance of speaking skill

Some are solid leadership topic requests:
leadership tips
another word for moving forward in life
supervision tips

But some are just plain unexpected:
chewing gum whilst driving
the importance of bad language
talk more say less
for you it might have been something
what say you?

I guess the lesson here is that keywords are keywords if your customer says they are.  All the optimizing in the world won’t get the soul searching for “what say you?” to your new content if those words are not there. Looking at words people are using that find you is a lot like keeping your current customers on your radar.

If the “what say you” crowd keeps only getting one hit on your blog, then they will eventually start looking for keywords you may not have in the search for new content. Then, they will find that new content elsewhere and may never come back. That’s why I try to mix “Talk to the Human” into posts from time to time, along with other topics my readers seem to hit me on.

I can’t promise a high number of hits for “whilst driving”, but at least now there are two…

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