2018 – is it too late to resolve?

A friend of mine threatened to unfriend anyone who wished her a "Happy New Years" because "it's singular"..."New Year!" That made me think, why do some people do that? One reason, I think, is because of the New Year's Resolution. Of course you might say "new year resolution", but that wouldn't be grammatically correct. New Year's Resolution is a pretty [...]

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Darren LaCroix’s Sunday session – Toastmasters District 22

Darren's Sunday session Check out his new product: Write Yor Keynote by Next Week Notes Learning world-class techniques You will be deputized coaches You will never [...]

Darren LaCroix’s opening keynote – Toastmasters: 2012 Fall Conference

Darren's session Check out his new product: Write Yor Keynote by Next Week Notes 1994 club meeting - club president Dan Jones asked, "Darren, what do you have to give?" [...]

Candidate site launch

Tomorrow I'm launching the site for my Candidacy for International Director (one of 14) in Toastmasters International. Check out www.rob4id.com Or follow my candidacy on [...]

Book Review: The Power of Unpopular

One of my favorite blogs is Redhead Writing by Erika Napoletano. Recently, she authored The Power of Unpopular - A Guide to Building your Brand for the Audience who will Love [...]

What makes inspiration?

I'm feeling rather inspired tonight. When something like that happens, I seem to be bent on analyzing why. I'm not positive about that being a good thing, but it's who I [...]

Job Hunting Tips: Don’t repeat one year twenty times

For some, 20 years of experience is 20 years of continuously learning new skills, gaining experience and becoming a seasoned specialist in your area of expertise. For others, [...]

2012 Edge Summit

Today was the annual World Champions Edge Summit with Darren Lacroix, Ed Tate, Craig Valentine, Lance Miller and Mark Brown. This was another great event and I'm just sorry I [...]

2012 TI Convention – The WCPS Timer’s Perspective

This year, I had the honor of serving as an Official Timer for the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking. That's right, front row center, baby! In [...]

2012 TI Convention – Lisa Panarello education session

Lisa Panarello gave a presentation called CPR Strategies for Successful Networking. I really liked the depth of information and the specific tips she gave. Her approach of [...]

2012 TI Convention – Sam Davidson Education Session

I'm so glad I went to this session! Sam Davidson was very entertaining and presented a session relevant to any Toastmaster looking to make money speaking. Although some [...]